Covid 19 special considerations

Throughout the global SARS-Cov2 pandemic lockdown period, several restrictions have been enforced in europe and elsewhere. Portugal has issued some restrictions to flights originating in several countries where infectious rates are higher. With the situation still developing and changes happening daily with outbreaks here and there, limitations to travel through Portuguese airports have been enforced and will remain while the pandemic will last.

In this light, Atlantis will reproduce below the most updated notams for LPLA/TER Lajes airport, Terceira island, Azores, as and when required. Please note that Lajes continues to be an important transit point in the north atlantic track and is being increasingly used by private, government, state, executive, corporate and cargo flights in need of refuelling amidst the vastness of the atlantic basin. 

Bear in mind that notams may change overnight, as the pandemic situation evolves continously. At present time, there is no restrictions whatsoever relating to covid19 at Lajes airfield.

Please have in mind:

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