Why Atlantis? The word Atlantis is connected to the legendary thriving and rich land once located where the Azores Archipelago stands today. 
Tale tells it that this mighty civilization disappeared in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after a catastrophe submerged it. We chose this word as to identify geographically where Lajes is positioned and also as a way to extend a warm welcome to you and/or your flight at a distinctive all green paradise in the middle of the Atlantic.
Over the years it was felt that procedures among operators, handling agents and official authorities needed smooth management and swift support in order to bridge gaps, untie dead ends and overcome unnecessary waiting times….so, Atlantis was born…
As transatlantic traffic gathers pace, the occasional rest and refueling stop is a must so, Terceira island and Lajes airport emerge as the perfect spot.
Here`s a glimpse to the unfolding beautiful seaside and landscape when you arrive at Terceira island - Lajes Airport.
Come and discover Terceira island, while taking a well deserved rest from your trip… you can dwell over this tourist guide for Terceira and also about the Azores.

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